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About Us – Best Turmeric Latte

At we take a great deal of pride in bringing our customers the best turmeric latte in Singapore. We know that alongside having a huge collection of health and disease prevention benefits, taste is hugely important too! It is our passion to create products that rival, if not surpass a traditional caffeine-based latte’s flavour, so you get all the satisfaction of a latte as well as all the health benefits of our organic ingredients.

Our Turmeric Latte

Our talented team have taken a great deal of time to create a turmeric latte that is everything a regular latte drink wants from their drink. We aim to provide a simple and delicious method of introducing the likes of turmeric and ginger into your diet and we believe we’ve achieved this. The result is a creamy, flavourful and warming latte packed full of turmeric, that you’re bound to love.

Our Promise

At we believe in the power of natural remedies and living a positive lifestyle that helps to prevent illness rather than deal with it once it arises. Sounds like effort doesn’t it? We don’t think so! Especially when you can introduce incredible antioxidant and beneficial compounds into a drink that you’ll happily enjoy on a regular basis.

Forget the effort of preparing raw vegetable juices and staining your fingers with turmeric, we provide the best organic turmeric in a convenient and delicious format that you won’t be able to get enough of.

We’re also fully against adding any unnecessary ingredients or nasties, so you’ll be getting the best turmeric latte without added sugar or sweeteners.

Good to the Environment

For us, a holistic product doesn’t just mean being good for our customers. We want to help the people we source our great ingredients from and only use the most natural ingredients from sustainable sources.

Our organic turmeric products have been carefully sourced so you can trust that you’re enjoying a product free from pesticides, toxins and heavy metals such as lead that can be commonly found in turmeric. What this means is you’ll be experiencing our ingredients as they were intended to be, naturally and with all the powerful benefits.

So you can rest assured that you’re getting all the benefits of a nutritious and tasty turmeric latte without any downside!

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